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I'm Lynnie Lang, welcome to my wonderful journey and season in my life...I love being an artist and my favorite time of day is when I can fling paint at a canvas. My art is filled with bold colors and is modern abstract with touches of impressionism, neographic, expressionism, geometric and cubist art among a few of my many styles.

I adore working in bright colors and whether an acrylic painting, a collage or mixed medium work, I start with a blank surface with no end result in mind and let the magic just happen. My 'style' is very unique and I usually have no intentions when I sit down to paint...the brush tells me what to create! Art brings me joy and peace in this harried world making me stop and focus on simple things.
Doorway To A Dream Cutout.jpg
I designed this website to share my works, most are in private collections so I've started offering prints of my works inclusive of larger size options, and custom tote bags, custom art pillows, stationary and more great merch. You can find them on - - by clicking these link. By purchasing a print, you can get so much more for your money where purchasing the original can at times, be cost prohibitive. I'm so pleased to be offering my art at a very affordable price so everyone can enjoy it.
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