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Introducing Urban Abstract Art Studio

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

White Brick Wall Artists Loft Abstract Landscape Painting in Blue Green Orange White Climate Change by Lynnie Lang Art
Lynnie Lang Art - Urban Abstract Art Studio

Welcome to Urban Abstract Art Studio! I'm Lynnie Lang and I'm so happy to share my love of art with you. I'm an abstract artist that creates original art for small spaces in fun bright and bold colors, and one never knows what will come from a painting session.

I'm a firm believer that first and foremost, you must have fun when practicing the arts. I also believe that when you sit down to paint, you should have an open mind and black canvas with no end result in mind.

Although I was formally educated in the arts, I preach 'NO RULES' when it comes to painting. Rule of thirds, contrast, negative space - I toss out all the rules and allow the brush to decide what to do. Careless? No, just my way of expressing my creativity without letting too many rules get in my way. Rules tend to stifle ones creative process and you begin to overthink and overreact. Creating art should be a spontaneous process in which your brain leaves behind the logical side and jumpstarts the creative side. I'm still amazed what you can accomplish when you stop 'thinking' and start 'doing' - so different from what we are taught through the educational process. Don't get me wrong, I am all for continuing education in the arts and adore taking instruction, just don't allow it to rule your decision making when creating.

Abstract Landscape Painting in Neutral Colors of Stone Blue Sage Green Orange "Climate Change" by Lynnie Lang Art
Abstract Landscape Panting "Climate Change" by Lynnie Lang Art

The painting I have added to this post is one of my favorites. I think it's the subtle colors and the movement within. This abstract was the first in my 'Climate Change' series and part of my personal collection but you can purchase prints at Fine Art America.

Additional prints of Lynnie Lang's work can be found on Fine Art America where you may select canvas prints, custom pillows, custom totes and more. You can own art at such an affordable price.

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